A Shopping Tour of People's Food Co-op

Announcing a first for In the Kitchen with Mary cooking classes

Every class needs a field trip! I’m starting off 2019 by offering a group visit to this gem of a local food institution. Explore the aisles of this natural food ally, guided by Brita, the herb and spice buyer at People’s, and myself.

Here’s more information about the shopping tour.

Friday, January 11, 11 am - noon
meet at People’s, 3029 SE 21st Avenue
(between Division Street and Powell Boulevard)

Portland Food Project / Green Bags Program

Portland Food Project...my office is now a drop-off point for PFP.

In 2009, the Food Project was started by some folks in Ashland to make it easy to donate to the local emergency food bank. The SE Portland Food Project began five years later and became the citywide Portland Food Project (PFP). It distributes food to 20 pantries that get the food out to those in need.

Growing up in Eugene, I was raised with farm and backyard produce, eaten fresh or canned for colder months. In my early 20’s I went out on a weeklong backpack trip around Mt Jefferson with no experience about the amount of food I could carry on my pack and what my hungry muscles would need. I packed a couple of dried bananas as an extra special treat, there for some emergency calories. Turns out I didn’t need it, actually forgot about it and found those same bananas several years later when I cleaned out the secret pack pocket. I laughed....had been through various challenging times and never truly needed those bananas...but it sure seemed important to have it with me on that trek.

Much more recently, I helped care for my nonagenarian mother who had a good store within walking distance, family helping her shop and cook, decent teeth and a pleasurable relationship with food. Memory loss and a primal need to have food brought her anxiety about having enough, even when her cupboards were stocked.

We all have our stories...those we witness or hear, those we feel in our beings.

I imagine what true food insecurity feels like to those more vulnerable. It could be a parent newly unemployed, kids off to learn with a hungry body, elders faced with juggling limited resources for health care, rent or food for themselves or a companion animal.

Let me know if you’d like to donate. Its as easy as this...pick up an extra item when you shop or look through your cupboards for something you can share. As often as you would like, bring life sustaining non-perishables to the office and I will make sure it gets to the folks who help stock the shelves of food pantries year-round for neighbors in need. Simple hand to hand to mouth.

A small donation started this summer. Word is that they enjoy the feeling of sharing with others and that this is an easy way to do so.

To read more about the Portland Food Project go to www.portlandfoodproject.org (see side bar for most-needed foods) or call 503-775-2110. 

PESTO FEST Saturday August 26

Leaves on my basil plants are ready for their first harvest.  The more picked, the more leaves are produced in lieu of going to flower.  With this garden inspiration, I invite you to a Pesto (and roasted summer tomato) Fest on Saturday, August 26, prime time for basil and ripe local tomatoes.  

Here's the skinny...we'll gather in the kitchen with a bounty of sun-kissed tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, onions and olive oil to prepare for roasting.  While the oven alchemy is happening, let's sample each other's favorite homemade pesto on pasta (durum wheat or gluten-free), cleansing the palate with a bite of greens, cucumber or mint water.  You take home a cup of concentrated roasted tomatoes and recipes for the pestos you can hardly wait to make.


  1. Bring a cup (8 ounces) of homemade pesto, whether conventional basil-based or otherwise. Here's a chance to go wild!
  2. If making a version with cheese, please wait to add cheese until coming to the Fest as some folks will prefer pesto without cheese.   
  3. Bring your recipe and I will send them out pronto after the Fest.
  4. Let me know ahead of time your choice of pasta (durum wheat or gluten-free).
  5. Remember to bring an empty 1 cup container and lid for your take home of roasted tomatoes.

Cost? $20 if BYOP (bring your own pesto), $30 if you come without pesto.

Please sign up and pre-pay by Tuesday, August 21 at 503-232-4047 or info@drmaryscottpdx.com.  


Website arrival

The creation of this website has been a thoughtful and stimulating process.  I have long appreciated the direct word of mouth referrals from patients and other practitioners.  It is now clear to me that a web presence is an essential link between personal referrals and the first appointment being made.  So now, keep those personal referrals coming and I’ll do my part by popping up on the web so your friends, family members, colleagues, clients or patients can check out my services.  My web designer, Jonathan Arlook, and I hope this new web presence is useful to you.