I am drawn to Naturopathy and Chinese medicine for their ability to gently lead people back to health with natural, safe medicine.  The process I prefer is a collaborative one – together we design a treatment plan that suits your needs. 

Dr. Mary Scott

You may first come to me with concerns about chronic health issues, whether diagnosed or sensed – a feeling of being less than well.  I listen to your immediate concerns and health history including travels, injuries or accidents.  Family health history including patterns of emotional dysfunction and lines of common diseases seen over generations can offer valuable clues.  I review previous treatment methods and consider how they have helped or perhaps not been effective.  

When you have an acute condition, I start focused treatment quickly and plan timely follow-up to assure the approach is helping or to modify treatment.  Once you feel better, we can address underlying causes with a comprehensive plan.

By nature, I bring persistence that helps me go below the surface of your maladies, carefully looking for their roots; I’m not going to give up on the pursuit of your vitality.  I am buoyant – not easily knocked over by working with your life experiences – and I know the importance of being heard, seen and believed.  I’m determined to start wherever and however you are when we meet.  You can find information on appointments here or services here.


my clinic on se 50th ave

I've been in solo practice in Portland since 1990. My clinic is located in a comfortable 1921 bungalow near Mt. Tabor.  I offer naturopathic medicine consultations, acupuncture, Chinese and western herbal medicines, top quality nutritional supplements and biomedical and functional lab testing and analysis.

I am committed to giving personal attention, often hard to find in the rapidly changing world of health care.  Your phone calls, e-mails, scheduling needs, and medicine orders will all be under my wing.  I listen for a spectrum of influences affecting your well-being and realize they may impact each person differently.  I work to be a positive force, helping you improve your health in your own time and in your own way. 

In the spirit of docere, doctor as teacher, I offer cooking classes to encourage and demonstrate how to cook with simple, fresh ingredients.  If you are ready to “step up to the plate” in new ways, whether by baby steps or by a quantum leap, there’s a place at the table In The Kitchen.  

The waiting room

The waiting room

A treatment room

A treatment room



I encourage patients to view their health through the lens of a potentially long life.  How can you promote vibrant health in your next stage of life?  Do these ways of maintaining good health fall into harmony with your most cherished values and bring you joy?  My belief is that as we know ourselves with intimacy and compassion, our path towards healing becomes clearer.

I lean on the rich healing resources we have here in Portland, consulting with health providers from all traditions and philosophies.  I'll gladly refer you when and if we decide to expand your health care team. 


Mary with peppers.JPG

Self-care associated with eating is one of the richest contributors to vitality at every stage of life.  A healthy relationship with food is a flexible work in progress, evolving as we have shifts in personal goals, activity level, finances, climate exposure and seasons, health changes and preferences.  

In 2015, my 25th year of practice, I began offering classes to link homegrown kitchen knowledge with the science of nutrition.  If interested in building a better eating repertoire, please visit In the Kitchen page for more information.